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Writer's Block Trilogy: The Possession   by A.K. Kuykendall
On Sale Date: November 19, 2012, Ship Date: November 16, 2012
9781936085712, 1936085712
$25.00 USD
Fiction \ Horror \ Series
Felsen Press
Series: Writer's Block Trilogy
282 pages
5.5 in | 8.5 in
Status: Forthcoming
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Since his youth, Gregory Stillingsworth has known his destiny: to become a great writer. Indeed, now a wildly successful author, he has penned seventy-three novels, all of them best-sellers. Obsessive and possessive, he writes the old-fashioned way - on a typewriter. His instrument, beaten and tattered even when his parents gave it to him for his fourteenth birthday, has earned a name over the years - Buford. It has also earned a voice. Early on, it spoke to him, repeating a simple mantra: "You and I, forever. You and I, together."

Gregory Stillingsworth, a world-renowned horror writer, an author who has already surpassed the great ones like Koontz and King, was destined to reach the top. Or was he? Was he destined, instead, to live the life carved for him by his cursed forebears? Instinctively, it has always been Gregory's custom to write his books one after another. His wife, Jamie, who serves as his lawyer, critic, and business partner, gave up convincing him to slow down so as to focus on starting a family. Gregory is relentless in nourishing his career; that is, until for the first time, he runs out of words, sending him into an uncontrollable rage that even his wife cannot comprehend. Is this unexpected rage an extreme reaction to the stresses of writer's block? Or is it the unveiling of his true role among us, a scribe born into this world only to write of the coming Armageddon?

Writer's Block: The Possession is a dark, horror story, a psychological thriller, and a labyrinthine cryptogram that the reader must unravel one scene at a time. With no way to tell what is truth and what is fiction from Gregory's perspective, the reader is led to wonder how much of this novel is autobiographical information from the real author's perspective, taking the horror factor from the realm of fiction into the realm of possibility. As part one of the Writer's Block Trilogy, The Possession leaves the reader on the edge of his seat, chewing his nails, anxiously waiting for a resolution
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A.K. Kuykendall was born in Albany, Georgia, but grew up as a military brat on the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), and later at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He is married and is the proud father of three sons. His true passion in life is writing thought-provoking novels that blend the concepts of fact and fiction.
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Praise for Writer's Block Trilogy: The Possession

"Writer's Block will move readers directly into a whirlwind that just might be a never-ending twilight zone. Dare you begin?...If you're a fan of the creepy movie, The Hitchhiker, you'll know why I close with "Thanks for the ride." - G. A. Bixler, IP Book Reviewer http://bookreviewers.org/writer's_block.htm

"Although admittedly inspired by The Exorcist, you'll be hard-pressed to find scenes or symbols in A.K. Kuykendall's Writer's Block that are not unique." - Serenity J. Banks, Author / Editor

"Writer's Block is quite a clever novel. As much as I like Dean Koontz and Stephen King, neither of them build such nice twists and turns into their plots." - William Greenleaf, Author / Editor

"I was fascinated with the historical aspects of the story and liked the way it was woven throughout the plot." - Heather Chisholm, literary enthusiast

"Writer's Block: The Possession is a hard book to put down. The momentum keeps you reading, wanting, sometimes cringing at the sheer horror but always, always reading." - LaTonya Lewis, Palmetto Review

"The reader can see the inspiration for the novel in many sources, like The Exorcist, or a Stephen King or Dean Koontz book, but the plot twists and turns were definitely something new and interesting that I hadn't seen before. I was blown away!" - Jodi Henkiel, Editor, A-1 Editing

"…an intriguing effort…[with] wild twists, hyperbole, gore and sex…" -Matt Domino, Kirkus Reviews:

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