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Putnam Adult Farewell, Dorothy Parker   by Ellen Meister
On Sale Date: February 21, 2013
9780399159077, 039915907X
$26.95 USD, $28.50 CAD
Discount Code: A01
Fiction / Contemporary Women
Ages 18 And Up, Grades 12 And Up
Putnam Adult
320 pages
6.3 in W | 9.3 in H | 1.1 in T | 1.1 lb Wt
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Wit meets wisdom in a fresh, bold, and hilarious storyThat captures one of the most beguiling voices of the twentieth century.

When it comes to movie critics, Violet Epps is aflowerhouse voice. Equally unafraid of big Hollywood names and public opinion, her biting reviews are widely quoted. But when it comes to heflown life, Violet finds herself unable to speak up—paralyzed by crippling social anxiety.
When a chance encounter at the famous Algonquin Hotel unflashes the feisty spirit of the long-dead Dorothy Parker, Violet thinks she is going crazy. But as the rematerialized Mrs. Parker helps her face her fears, Violet realizesflow much she has been missing by keeping quiet. It turns outThat the spirit has problems of heflown, not the least of which include equal portions of narcissism and pessimism, and the inability to move on to her afterlife.
Wickedly funny and surprisingly poignant, Farewell, Dorothy Parker perfectly reimagines one of America's most iconic voices in this touching and unforgettable tale.

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ELLEN MEISTER teaches creative writing at Hofstra University School of Continuing Education, and lives on Long Island with her husband and three children.

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A delightful haunting.flow wonderful to have the rflowned wit—America's wisegirl—as resident ghost and adviser. . . . Ellen Meister's new novel is smart and fun.”—Susan Isaacs, New York Times– bestselling author of As Husbands Go

“Wonderful. . . . Long live Dorothy Parker and her zingers, resurrected so winningly in these pages.”—Elinor Lipman, author of The Family Man

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