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A Thousand Forests in One Acorn: An Anthology of Spanish-Language Fiction   by Valerie Miles
September 2, 2014, Ship Date: August 11, 2014
9781934824917, 1934824917
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Fiction \ Anthologies (multiple authors)
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717 pages
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Featuring 28 extremely influential Spanish-language authors, each of whom selected the "ultimate highlights" of his or her writing career.

A tremendous introduction to twenty-eight of the most influential Spanish-language authors of the twentieth century, A Thousand Forests in One Acorn combines interviews with these authors—about their influences, about what they're trying to accomplish with their writing (the "Acorn")—with each author's "favorite piece ever written" (the "Thousand Forests").

So, in addition to reading excerpts from Javier Marías's best works (Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me, Dark Back of Time), you get to hear his reasons for why he thinks these are the best (the explanation for the bit from Tomorrow will change the way you read forever) and how his work as a translator (he translated Tristram Shandy into Spanish) has impacted his writing style.

Along with the Spanish-language authors who have already made a name for themselves in English—Carlos Fuentes, Mario Vargas Llosa, Enrique Vila-Matas, Ana María Matute—this collection includes a dozen authors never before translated into English. Authors like Elvio Gandolfo, whose story about a whale suddenly appearing over the town of Rosario ("I tried to make something impossible, at least in terms of the physical laws and limits we are bound by at this moment in science and history, plausible") is one of the many highlights of the volume.

Great for teaching and for anyone interested in Spanish-language literature as a whole, this is an indispensible anthology—one that will influence writers for decades to come.

Valerie Miles is the co-founder of Granta en español and was voted one of the "Most Influential Professionals in Publishing" at the 2013 Buenos Aires Book Fair.

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Valerie Miles is a publisher, writer, translator, and the co–founder of Granta en español. She is also the co-director of The New York Review of Books in its Spanish translation and, in 2013, was voted one of the "Most Influential Professionals in Publishing" by the Buenos Aires Book Fair.

Here's a list of all contributors in this volume in alphabetical order:

Rafael Chirbes
Edgardo Cozarinsky
Jose de la Colina
Cristina Fernandez Cubas
Alfredo Bryce Echenique
Jorge Edwards
Abilio Estevez
Rafael Sanchez Ferlosio
Carlos Fuentes
Elvio Gandolfo
Juan Goytisolo
Javier Marias
Juan Marse
Ana Maria Matute
Eduardo Mendoza
Jose Maria Merino
Antonio Munoz Molina
Horacio Castellanos Moya
Ricardo Piglia
Ramiro Pinilla
Sergio Pitol
Evelio Rosero
Alberto Ruy Sanchez
Esther Tusquets
Hebe Uhart
Mario Vargas Llosa
Aurora Venturini
Enrique Vila-Matas
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"Four years in the making, Valerie Miles, co-founder of Granta, curates an impressive twenty-eight author strong anthology of Spanish Language fiction featuring pieces from literary heavyweights like Javier Marias, Antonio Munoz Molina, Enrique Vila-Matas, and Mario Vargas Llosa alongside some lesser known (but equally as important) names. . . . Beautifully packaged and well laid out, this collection is a definite must-have for lovers of contemporary Spanish language fiction."--Typographical Era

“That the Spanish language gave voice to the likes of Cervantes, Borges, García Márquez, and so many other greats of literary fiction is a fact not unlike poetry’s affinity for Russian. Lingua España is to daring tales of adventure and magical realism what sex is to erotica. This outrageously valuable project asked twenty-eight Spanish-language heavyweights of the last half of the twentieth century to choose a favorite piece of their own work, accompanied by some personal words of commentary and reflection.”—Valerie Miles, Foreward Reviews

". . . [T]his was a fascinating overview of contemporary Spanish language fiction and a good introduction to many new authors. There is something here for readers of almost every literary taste . . ." —The Mantle

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